Surf Stars

So, sometimes we have a really star guests in Surfmania! The stars of show bussines and famous athletes joined our Surf Camp!

August 2015 brought us not only good weather and perfect waves, but also many nice and interesting people visited Bali as well.

We had a big group in Surfmania Camp, and, the Olimpic and 12-times World Champion in sinchronized swimming Angelika Timanina joined us in that amazing 2 week vacation.

Angelika, owing to her big swimming experiance, learned how to surf very well.

She also showed a progress in catching the waves in such a quick way, that even professionals was really surprised. The girl, with the other guys from Surf Camp, visited many interesting places of the island and fell in love with Bali so much, that she even changed her return ticket and stayed longer to comquer the waves of other islands of Indonesia.

Surfing and Bali always leave an unforgettable emotions to every person, who comes to this beautiful island. Proved by us!

The famous family from popular Russian TV-show "Dom-2" has come to our camp in June 2015. Daria, Sergey and their 3-years old son Artem came to Bali and tried surfing with us.

It has been very pleased to spend time with a such nice family, there you can see a big love and respect to each other every minute! They were very good at surf and even little Artem stopped to be afraid of the ocean and stood up on board twice! Also we've visited a beautiful island Lembongan, there we were fishing and enjoing nice views all together.

Now we can proudly say, that we can accept the whole families and provide an active vacation for all the members of it.

The feelings are unforgettable, there are so much adrenaline and new emotions for little Artem too, even if he was scary of the ocean, but we already can see the proggress, - said Sergey Pinzar

I could never imagine that all our family would try surfing, and we're so much proud of our son!, - said Daria

So, we're waiting for you!

In October 2013 we had Olga Smeshlivaya (The Russian Snowboard Champ) and Anton Evstifeev (The Russian BMX Sport Champ) as our guests. The guys learned how to surf, spent time with our surf camp and also got amazing emotions

In June 2014 the popular star of Russian Music Channel Aiza Dolmatova with her little 4-years-old son Sam visited us also. The family could stand up on surf-board and catched their first waves!

Besides, we always have many people coming, who has never met before. Most of them became a good friends, start to travel together, surf in the other countries and hang out in their own towns. Sometimes, the new couples are formed here and someone decided to become a fiance and bride, here, on Bali, in Surfmania Camp.

Come and try too!