Lembongan Island

During our Camp the amazing trip to Lembongan Island' gonna be there for you. We will take a bus to a berth and a fast-boat will bring us to the small island within 30 minutes. There will be a rented cars for us and beautiful villa for the accomodation.

On the first day we're goona check in to villa and have a sunbath near the pool and after we will go to white sand beaches and make a wish in the beautiful cliff with big waves, breaking on stones under us. In the evening there will be a night fishing with a guns. Just imagine yourself, surrounded by many new friends, in the middle of the ocean, feeling absolutely calm and happy. You will dive in into the ocean with an instructor holding the torch a catching a fish by shooting it. At the night time fish is very slowly, so, the process is not really hard. If someone won't shoot can just swim around - anyway it will be bring you many emotions as well.

The next day the exiting tour to Mangrove forest will be waiting for us (in the Red Book list); and snorkeling with masks and watching an amazing underwater world of Indian ocean;

The dinner cooked from fish you caught the night before and after that - we will leave to Bali.

Lembongan Island is located at, so called, Wallace Line, which is considered to be a biological border between Asia and Australia/Pacific Ocean. Most kinds of birds, animals and plants of Asian side are unique and couldn’t be met in Australian side. Ocean streams make a kind of tunnel between islands, which brings a positive effect on growth of corals and population of different kinds of fish. Besides, the Island is famous for its snow-white beaches.

That trip is gonna stay in your heart forever!

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