Maria's report

ABOUT SURF CAMP in October 2013

About the program:

The program is hard-driving and it is very good, that there is a flexibility, when and what activities to arrange.

About the Hotel:

The hotel is excellent completely.

About surfing:

Surfing is the best sightseeing in Bali and you will like it.

About the company:

The website is well done, thanks to it, we went to Bali. Everything you promised, we received completely:

- Parties. It is good, that they were, and that they were different.

- Excursions. Very cool. We had almost individual guide – it was great! The coolest thing, that we visited not popular touristic places, but very picturesque.

- Up to me, I would go to Safari, but it is my own desire, all in all everything was excellent

- Lembongan. The most entertainment excursion, which we remembered. We have only one notation.

Please, make scuba diving class before hunting, to avoid failures.

- Most of all we liked surfing and Lembongan.

- Would you like to come back? Yes, we want, probably, this summer.