Anton's report

ABOUT SURF CAMP in November 2014

I have heard about surf camp from my friends, which shared impressions, bright photos after their trip and were very excited. Without thinking twice, I’ve written to Nastya, we’ve discussed dates, variants of flight and organized everything very quickly.

Arrival was on November in 2014. I arrived at night, was met at the airport, as it had been promised. In spite of being late, Nastya was waiting for my arrival and checked-in at the hotel, after that we chatted a bit and discussed a program. The hotel left only a good impression. It was performed in surfing style, for design were used a lot of real surfboards, everything created a special atmosphere and filled you with energy. Rooms are convenient, service is excellent, Wi-Fi is free, and location let you reach bars-zone in several minutes on foot. The beach is situated in 10-15 minutes on foot, but transfer will deliver you there in a short time.

Surf school “Pro Surf” is one of the best, recording to reports, and I made sure of it since the first lesson. It is located very comfortable, near the ocean, has its own pool, yoga class and surf-fitness class, the bar with very tasty food and drinks and full of friendly staff.

Lessons are very qualitative and effective and instructors are experienced and attentive. First lessons are in Kuta beach, but after several lessons, you will be able to make surf trips, which will give you an opportunity to try your force on different surf-spots of Bali. They differ not only with their beauty and delightful landscapes, but with special behavior of waves, where you can improve your skills.

To stretch your legs and relax, you can attend surf-fitness classes with yoga elements, after which you will feel yourself rested and full of strength for excursions, rampant parties and new emotions. Surf lessons are passed every 2 days, and the rest days you can spend on excursions along all cool places of Bali, where Rinat and Nastya will tell you everything about local life, country’s culture and make you get the most unforgettable impressions.

Forget boring guide’s speech and walking one after another along museums. Here you won’t see it! The Lembomngan island is one of the best places, where I have ever been. A lot of snorkeling, trips along wonderful places of the island, cheerful parties in the pool with guys – these everything what you will remember for all your life! It was very pleasant to get a present from Surf Mania. It was “climbing to the volcano Batur”. It was unforgettable!

I have plans to return to Bali to continue surf studying. Get to know and see places I haven’t managed to during these two weeks. Nastya and Rinat, you are cool, everything what you do is worthy of gratuity and respect. It is very pleasant to see and feel, that your main priority to organize the rest of us!

Thank you!