Denis' report

ABOUT SURF CAMP in February 2015

It all started early in the morning, when we went rambling to Lembongan Island, which is situated in Indonesia among Bali Sea and the Indian Ocean.

We hardly reached the mooring, as we were sleepy. From there, a high-speed powerboat with the engine turns up 1250 horsepower brought us away from Bali, accompanied by waves and splashes... As we came to the island we went to the hotel - it was a five-star villa complex with huge pool, unique styling and fabulous atmosphere. After we've carried stuff to the hotel rooms, we gathered near the pool - a little rum, fountains, poufs, relaxing background music and pleasant female company leaved impression on me. All was ideal - combination of the European comfort and Bali traditions made this place really outstanding. A while later we went to the wonderful lounge restaurant, situated just on the sea cliff, where you can see beautiful bay. We went downstairs and come to the snow-white beach, surrounded with cliffs. Nice views looked good to the eye at all times. Everyone received all what they want.

It was sunset time, so we gathered together and went to the "Devil's tear" cusp. There are huge waves forming landscape with split upon the rocks. After a short walk, we came to that cusp. A grand sight opened before us: huge water-worn rocks with deep grottos and made pools on the top. For hundred years nature has been graving this landscape. As sharp, as sword stones kept us away. But when we reached the very end we've seen fantastic view: huge waves split upon the cusp and splashes were going up at tenner meters high. The colors mellowed as the sun went down, ocean playfully shined with yellow brightness and all of a sudden dolphins leaped out from the huge wave. They were rolling at the waves and contested who will leap out higher. This scene definitely would have pride of place at the jacket of “National Geographic” magazine))) It was fantastic day, yet it was not over))

By the night we went to another adventure - submarine hunting. After we arrived to the hamlet we selected diving suits, masks, paddles and got ready for fishing. This scene looked like a James Bond spy films. We quietly put out the sea and I noticed that the ocean seemed to be like a cosmos film scarf, but what's this? It was phytoplankton - hundreds of thousands stars at the ocean)). We reached the point and dived, holding flashlight on the left hand and the gun on the right. Tomorrow dinner depends on our today efforts. It was not difficult to shoot fish, because it was sleeping, so we caught some, I even shoot one lobster)) it’ gonna be a delicious dinner tomorrow))

Morning was hard some, but water and light meals gave tone to me, so we went to the boat station. The travel arrangements were quick, in few minutes we’ve rushed, cutting the water surface. Soft morning sea breeze released my unwellness and I smiled watching wonderful pictures, which were passed by our boat... Rocks, waves, "Bounty" beaches and fishermen gave special entourage to everything. Soon we arrived at the first spot. There was cockling sea, but our local friend Wayan said: "Jump into the water". I dived first - the water was absolutely clear, but it was far to the bottom. I saw nothing in the water. But in a while I saw a great monster close to me, its wings have a spread of 3 meters. I thought: "Oh my God", "That can't be true"!! And then I’ve seen another one monsters - these were giant 3-meters skates. They fluently passed by, waving with their huge wings, like a flying birds in the sky. I pumped air into lungs and dived, they were very close to me, at arms length. I wanted to touch their skin, but the good sense stopped me and I just swam near by them. It was really great spot, but what's the next?

The second spot also surprised us - we dived and huge sharp-toothed fishes come before us. Their weight was about 20 kilograms. I heard Rinat's scream from the boat: "Don't be afraid, they will not bite you". We would most like if it's true, but when the squid fall down into the water, fishes started to perform an abrupt and rather dangerous movements. When I dived closer to them I saw a piece of squid in front of my mask. The biggest fish was near by 2 meters to me and it also saw the squid. So it opened the chap showing huge sharp teeth and rushed to me. I remembered Renat's words, but I gave the creeps. "Smack!" - chap closed, squid disappeared and the fish swam by)). I didn't think that after the second spot I can be surprised, but we’ve kept going.

The last place was near the shore at the serene port with blue water. After submerging multicolored underwater world sight opened before us. Red, blue, yellow corals covered all the bottom, little fishes feed and run its natural course in this fantastic underwater kingdom. We swam farther and as we reached sufficient deepness, squids were thrown near us. Ready at hand we saw massive fish group with little multicolored fishes, they covered all the body, they were to the right and to the left thousands of the different sea animals surrounded us. I took two pieces of bread, fixed it in the hand and headlong swam spirally to the bottom. Hundreds of the fishes followed me the same case... It was amazing scene. I never was so close to the sea animals.

After the sea adventures we went to the shore through mangle forest. Small river in the mangle forest is like nursery school for millions creatures. Green thickset raised above watery waste. Its roots looked amazing, like a swords daggered the water. Life around made mobile almost all, so it seemed like the alive forest attempting to say something to you.

Then we had a shore dinner - delicious fish, lobsters which we caught the day before, were prepared for us on the grill.

Wonderful Lembongan Island - I will remember it for all of my life, I’ve got so rich experience in a short span of time. Thanks a lot Surfmania for this unforgettable fantastic trip!