Denis' report

ABOUT SURF CAMP from April 26 till May 10 2014

Hello everybody, my name is Denis. It is not my nature to share impressions, but now I want to do that about visiting the surf camp on April of 2014. I’ve never wanted to go to Bali and haven’t thought about this. But surfing always attracted me. And one winter day, I’ve decided: “It’s been long enough to dream, you must try it!” After some manipulation of the Google, I understood, that the best place to try a wave would be Bali. Also it was clear that it would be better to begin studying in professional surf camps, and not trying to become the surf-star by yourself for 2 weeks. The internet showed me “Surf Mania”. Collected all the information about it, I decided not to look for another camp. That is how my girlfriend and I decided to conquer the Bali and its waves.

I didn’t expect anything special, but left with the feeling, that it would be the best holiday in my life. Was I impressed with Bali? So-so, it is a place with its advantages and disadvantages. But the organization of everything was perfect. They simply took everything the best, the island could offer, added warm welcome and friendly company and the rest turned into unforgettable one. Everything is permeated with surf atmosphere, The Lembongan island (must visit!), with its picturesque landscapes, diving to the ocean and party on the villa, trips along the island, everyday massage, really cool surf hotel and, finally climbing to the top of volcano Batur – I can list a lot, but it is a rest, which will stay in your memory forever. This is not the usual trip to the all-inclusive Turkish style, but active rest, each day is full of adventures.

To summarize, management team was the one I liked most of all, they do put their hearts into work. You can feel it easily, when they turn “one more place to visit” into brilliant trip.

I recommend it to everybody, and wish managers to maintain a high standard and give the emotions, people will remember forever.