Ira's report

ABOUT SURF CAMP in July 2014

Hello everybody! I want to share my impressions about my holidays on Bali with Surf Mania. It is better to start with the fact, that I went alone, but there was no time to be bored! That’s why if your friends can’t, and you are thinking over if it worth going alone, the answer is – yes! You will certainly find new friends among other guys, and also in the person of managers and trainers of the camp.

So, I arrived in Bali, at the airport I was met by the driver of the camp (he speaks Russian a little, that is good, in case you don’t know the language) and brang me to the hotel, where I was waiting for one of the managers – Rinat. And I want to say again, that Nastya and Rinat are very good, kind and communicative people. They do everything for guests’ entertainment, charge with their energy and positive. They spent a lot of time with us, always were at parties, took care of us, behaving like relatives.

So….The hotel is excellent, modern, and very clean! Even in the bathroom my tubes were arranged in a difficult geometrical order. Breakfasts are standard, Asian. There are fruits! From the hotel to the surf school and seaside 5 minutes walk, but there is a transfer, organized by the camp. Surf school is also a wonderful place, everybody is smiling, and trainers explain everything in a professional way. They are wonderful people, with whom you will definitely make friends. We had one trainer for two-three people! It is very convenient and productive. And also there is a café at the surf school, where food is tasty! The food is a separate theme… But it’s not a problem; guys will advise you where to eat cheap and tasty, to buy fruits and squeezed juice.

Now the main part! Surfing… Surfing is unreal… Especially in the early morning! Everione should try it for sure:) And if you are good with learning, you will be brought to another spot, where big waves are, and there you can feel why everybody loves surfing! Generally speaking…. Try it, I can’t describe it in words!

All in all…there are a lot of impressions, I rested, collected energy, find new friends and the place, where I want to return one more time!