Egor's report

ABOUT SURF CAMP from 2 till 16 of November 2013

In fall I happened to be in Bali in Indonesia. Words are not enough to convey the beauty of life on the island. Here, at the equator the world really flipped upside down, everything is different - and that's impressive! Bali is independent from the world, so nothing affects it. The spirit of liberty rules this place. I will not describe adventures chronological, because it takes a lot of time, and unreasonable because most of it you should see and feel yourself, and I just want to share a couple of experiences.

We rested with the mega rich program of surf-camp SurfMania. I hasten to say that there are still some discrepancies between the above program and experienced ... it was much better than written :)

Bali will be able to cater to each person individually, as follows:

For pacified people, who want to relax, there are various interesting light excursions and recreational areas where you can lightly touch the local religion, culture and traditions. Bali – is an island of the Gods, there are a lot of churches that were created in the distant past of the local coarse volcanic black stone, and I was affected by plasticity implementation of these buildings, in the modern world such things are made only of pliable plastic materials. You can visit the evergreen rice terraces, towering its layers to the top of the mountains. In a coffee plantation, I drank the most expensive coffee in the world – made of the leftist turds (it's such a small animal like a ferret) and stoned by joint of local tobacco, although I usually do not smoke, and especially do not drink so gourmet drink :)

There are guided tours, designed for a more active holiday, like diving to the ocean bottom in the full face masks, scuba, where you do not care of pressure on the ears and other discomfort. There are snorkeling plus night spearfishing with a gun. Special extreme lovers can visit the city of monkeys, where it is quite possible to loose pants and wallet, if you do not take bananas to pay off the monkeys. In common, a lot of entertains. You can even climb the volcano, which will open a whole spherical panorama of the universe over the head. You can also swim in the ocean with giant manta rays, turtles and even sharks :)

Island is washed by the Indian Ocean and the Bali Sea, hence restaurants are full of the abundance of seafood. Besides the chic interior of restaurants, there is a very simple cafe, which holds, for example, some family and on the ground floor they have a restaurant, on the second floor - living room. And in such places you can get full of very inexpensive seafood. Housing here is very affordable, whether it is a hotel room or room at the Villa.

Night club life in Bali is in full swing every day. I.e. the island has no Monday, Friday or Saturday, but there is one solid season, the season of fun! Lots of clubs - small to large, i.e. on our way there were giants such as Sky Garden - this 4 storey club, each has its own style of music, and Obsession – comfortable, that we loved it since the first day. Again, I repeat, Bali cater to anyone :)

Sure, it's all cool, but it goes to no comparison with that what I came to Bali for! Of course, it is surfing! Everything is filled with it, from stalls to restaurants, and our hotel was too. Overall surfboard surfing and other topics. Surfing – is a fairy tale, fairy delight! Thanks to the best surf school on the island and the best instructors taught us how to catch white water and subsequently Green Wave. I'll never forget the very first lesson in the Pro-Surf. When I was sitting on a surfboard and wilt the whole philosophy of the ocean in the perimeter of the glazed class. Anticipation that you are about to start up in the ocean is comparable only with the feeling of coming Christmas time at the age of 7. Surfing is difficult, comparing to snowboarding, i.e. snowboarding is simple, ‘cause there is a static mountain and a board, and the rest depends on your skills. But here you need to enter this environment and then get out of it in right way. Each wave is unique and you have to adapt to it all the time and you also should be accustomed to understand if it is your perfect wave or it is going to cover you. But studying this is unforgettably funny. Unforgettable feeling when you managed to ride the wave and it carries you forward as if by magic. Ocean ... Ocean needs honor and respect and you should not turn your back to it, otherwise it can swallow you and spit ashore without swimming trunks. Any sea is just a big puddle after you ever try an ocean.

Having no license or driving skills or knowledge of traffic rules, I rented a motorbike ... This is, I would say, for me the second reason to stay on the island. Of course, not the bike, but a sense of freedom that it gives. Saddle your horse and start the way, the whole island at your disposal with all its charms. Want to visit popular sites, then drive to the beach, where you will surf, or if want then go to the wilderness, in a village, to the jungle, to the mountains, unknown to anyone with white sand beaches, where you will be the only Robinson in the whole district.

You will not want to sleep in Bali, so we were sleeping for 2-3 hours, often spilled in the transfer to one or another spot and sometimes dozing under palm trees on the Cote d'Azur, and this is enough ‘cause ocean breeze gives enormous energy and it is enough to sleep quickly, even if you were drinking local rum all night. Leaving Bali was most difficult leaving for me, I was just whining like a little girl, when had to pack my bags : ( I will never forget the best 2 weeks of my life and will definitely come back here!

P.S. Of course, everyone is having rest in different ways. Someone is enough to knock off his work, to move into a hotel in Turkey, where the "all inclusive" and then walking in screwy state on its territory the entire vacation. Or someone travels on European Urban in search of adventure, but I highly recommend to devote at least one of your vacations to Bali, and the entire program is not mandatory, many tours of the packages can be purchased on the spot. The organizers are all arranged at the highest level, so I recommend to visit all that is offered. If someone is interested, please contact with questions :)

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