Q.: How booking and payment happens?

A.: After confirmation of tickets and places availability, you will be arranged for time and date of payment at your tour-agency. Advance payment is 50% of tour price, balance payment should be done one month before trip.

Q.: Is it difficult to study surfing?

A.: Surfing is considered to be one of the most difficult sports. You will be able to catch medium wave and stand-up at the first lesson if use right training and technique. We guarantee you’ll stand-up at your first lesson, otherwise we’ll give you one more lesson for free!

Q.: Weather on Bali. Rainfall season.

A.: Average air temperature on Bali is around 30 degrees Celsius during the year. The highest rainfall is in December and in January. Usually it is a short-period rain. Biggest problem for studying surfing in December and January is – dirty ocean. This is why we don’t make surf-camps in these months.

Q.: How many lessons should I take to surf well?

A.: “Surf well” is a loose concept. Everyone understands it different. But, we guarantee, that 7 lessons in our surf-school will teach you stand-up on a board, balance, make turns along wave and catch green waves. It also depends on your abilities. Someone comes easy and fast with surfing, someone - harder. But everyone can surf!

Q.: What age is enough to begin surfing?

A.: In our school we teach children from 3 y.o.

Q.: Do I need an insurance?

A.: You will get sports insurance during studying. You should definitely buy primary insurance, because of very expensive services for foreigners on Bali.

Q.: When should I buy tickets?

A.: Of course, it is better to buy tickets in advance (2 or 3 months before) because prices rise equally when closer to the date of flight. Please, refer to our how to buy a ticket article, we hope it will be useful for you. You can buy tickets either yourself or via our agencies, or you can let us find a best way for you. For that you should contact us after you have paid a tour.

Q.: Do you have any discounts?

A.: We have prepared discount for you! Bring 5 of your friends to our camp and get a half-price for yourself. If you bring 10 friends, then you come for free!! We also make parties and forums sometimes so stay tuned to our public-pages at в контакте and facebook!

Q.: If I have to miss some days of camp, may I come/leave later/earlier?

A.: If you miss some days, then we re-calculate the price for you. Please contact us.

Q.: What If I don’t need any of your lessons or classes or if I wish to visit some another place beside the program of camp?

A.: We can make any tour that you wish, please, contact us to calculate its price. If you don’t want to take any of our events then we’ll re-calculate the price for you.

Q.: I’m not a beginner and ride already. Will it be Ok if I come to your camp?

A.: Sure, it will! We have 6 study levels at school every day, so both beginners and advanced riders can take lessons.

Q.: How much money should I take with me?

A.: Meal on Bali costs around $3 in cafe, around $10 in restaurants. We’ll show you cheap and expensive places so you will decide where to eat. $30/day should be enough, if you are used to eating good. So $500 is enough for food.

Q.: Shopping on Bali

A.: At market you can find a dress for $5 and above, $4 and above for shorts. $2 and above is for shirts. Prices double in shopping centers, malls. Taxi price is around $10 for one our. Bike rent is $5 a day.
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